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360 Westfield Avenue, Waterloo, IA 50701

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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM — 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday closed

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Photo of FullSpectrum Laser Engraver

FullSpectrum Laser Engraver

Photo of Tormach CNC Mill

Tormach CNC Mill

CNC milling is a specific form of computer numerical controlled (CNC) machining. Milling itself is a machining process similar to both drilling and cutting, and able to achieve many of the operations performed by cutting…

Welder, MIG

Photo of 8X4' CNC Router

8X4' CNC Router

Photo of Flashforge CreatorPro

Flashforge CreatorPro

Creator Pro is a straightforward 3D printer based on open source technology. It allows for flexible upgrades and various modifications. Meanwhile, you are able to choose your favorite software such as FlashPrint, Simplify3D, Cura and…

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360 Westfield Avenue, Waterloo, IA 50701
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